18 Tea Franchises to Challenge Teavana

You already know all about the popularity of coffee franchises. But if tea is more of your thing, there are also plenty of tea franchises for you to choose from. Big names like Teavana, now owned by Starbucks, have a huge share of the market to be sure. And Teavana hasn’t traditionally offered franchise opportunities in the U.S. (Most stores here are company owned.)

But fortunately, there are up and coming tea franchises poised to challenge Teavana in this growing market. Here are 18 tea franchises that you can consider for your next business endeavor.

Unique Tea Franchises

Fava Tea

fava tea Franchises

Fava Tea is a retail tea business that currently has multiple locations in Wisconsin, with potential expansion opportunities throughout the U.S. The company sells a variety of tea along with related products and gifts.


tea2go Tea Franchises

Tea2Go has several locations in Texas and Arizona and is actively seeking new expansion opportunities. The company provides training and expects that franchisees will offer quality service and support the communities that they serve.


teagschwendner Tea Franchises

TeaGschwendner first opened in Germany in the late 1970’s. Since then, the company has opened up retail locations around the world, including a couple in the U.S. To get started as a franchisee, you’ll need liquid assets of at least $75,000. The company is currently looking to expand in select states in the Midwest and New England areas.

The Teahouse

the teahouse Tea Franchises

This Texas-based chain specializes in tea and tapioca. The Teahouse is a family friendly company that’s been around since 2000. You’ll need to fill out a form on the company’s website to receive specific information about franchising and requirements to get started.

Gong Cha

gong cha Tea Franchises

Gong Cha is a bubble tea chain that currently has locations running in New York and is looking to expand into a few other New England markets, as well as Texas. Cost varies depending on your location, but the company estimates that you should expect to spend between $162,430 and $320,400 in startup costs for a new unit. The company is also looking for area developers to start up multiple locations in their markets.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

the coffee bean and tea leaf Tea Franchises

Though not exclusively a tea franchise, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers a variety of both coffee and tea beverages. The company is looking to expand through multi-unit franchise development, and is looking to work with people who have experience in that area already. They provide training, development, design, operations, marketing and logistical support.

Teapioca Lounge

teapioca lounge Tea Franchises

Originally founded in 2010, Teapioca Lounge offers traditional and specialty teas along with other beverage options. To get started as a franchisee, you’ll need between $217,500 and $369,100, depending on the location where you’d like to get started. The company also provides training and grand opening assistance.

Kung Fu Tea

kung fu tea Tea Franchises

Kung Fu Tea is a tea franchise that offers bubble tea, matcha, milk tea and several more varieties. To get started with your own franchise, you’ll need between $123,000 and $422,000 in startup costs. And the company is open to both traditional locations and non-traditional ones, like those in airports, subway stations, casinos and malls.

Dobra Tea

dobra tea Tea Franchises

Founded in 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic, Dobra Tea aims to spread authentic tea culture from around the world. The company already has several locations throughout the U.S., and more in other parts of the world. Dobra’s team helps franchisees with training, publicity and more.

It’s Boba Time

boba time Tea Franchises

It’s Boba Time has several franchise locations throughout Southern California, and more slated to open shortly. The company offers support service and guidance for all franchisees. And potential franchisees should expect to spend between $318,000 and $449,000 in startup costs for traditional store units.


tsujiri Tea Franchises

TSUJIRI is a global tea brand that specializes in Japanese tea culture. They even offer specialty products like matcha. The company doesn’t currently have any locations in the U.S. But they are open to expansion in new markets.


sweetwaters Tea Franchises

Sweetwaters is both a coffee and tea franchise. But if you’re a tea lover, you’ll probably appreciate the variety of classic and premium teas, along with the tea boxes that are available for sale. Franchisees can enjoy a comprehensive training program along with marketing and operations support. You can fill out an application form to learn more about the opportunities available.

Tapioca Express

tapioca express Tea Franchises

Tapioca Express specializes in bubble tea, but also serves a variety of different tea and coffee beverages. Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, the company now has locations throughout California and even in other states and countries. Tapioca express offers several different options for franchising, so you can reach out to them for more information about current opportunities.

Spice Merchants

spice merchants Tea Franchises

With stores in several states throughout the U.S., Spice Merchants is a retail business that offers spices, teas and other specialty food items. The company offers help with training, inventory and store setup. You should expect to spend between $60,000 to $127,000 in total startup costs.


presotea Tea Franchises

Presotea specializes in espresso style tea. While the company currently doesn’t have a big presence in the U.S., there are locations in Canada and other countries around the world. Presotea offers training and consultation along with management counseling and other services for franchisees.

The Spice & Tea Exchange

the spice and tea exchange Tea Franchises

The Spice & Tea Exchange is a retail business with franchise opportunities available. There are already franchise locations set up throughout the U.S., so you’ll be able to enjoy some brand recognition depending on the market you choose. You can contact the company for more specifics about franchise ownership.

Jamba Juice

jamba juice Tea Franchises

Jamba Juice is a well known chain, not particularly famous for tea, but it does offer a variety of tea products from Talbott Teas, along with smoothies, juice and other healthy beverage options. The company provides training, operations support and access to high quality vendors.

Boba Loca

boba loca Tea Franchises

Boba Loca is a bubble tea franchise that also specializes in juice and coffee beverages. The company’s locations are mainly centered around Southern California. And you can communicate with Boba Loca directly to learn about opening up new franchises.

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