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Don Forman Las Vegas Nissan Philanthropist

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The efforts of the FOX5 Surprise squad to transform the lives of many struggling Americans all rest on the shoulders of this generous man.  It’s not every day that you come across a person whose selfless dedication impacts positively on the lives of complete strangers.  Getting to know the Philanthropist Don Forman of Las Vegas as a person is one thing and something else together as the budding philanthropist he has come to be known for over the past few years.

Speaking on my own behalf I don’t have a compellingly riveting story about how Don Forman’s philanthropy changed my life. However, being a philanthropist myself, I started engineering philanthropic efforts of my own in my native country of Zimbabwe. Modeled on a similar concept, I go around churning out new surprises to unsuspecting recipients as if I was Michael Jackson on the Thriller album. Today, everywhere I go I get heartfelt messages of thanks that have given my chosen purpose in life a renewed impetus. Being a musician -a far cry from the professional pursuit that Don Forman used as a fuel for his philanthropic activities- my greatest desire has been to help struggling artistes to get a foothold in the local music scene. So my philanthropy also includes free music recordings and shows.

Notable Acts Of Generosity

* Helping families struggling with medical issues.

* Giving back to veterans, former marines and patriots who have served their country well.

* Restoring hope for children with special needs.

* Surprise trips and outings to high profile sporting events.

* Surprise grocery shopping.

* The famous NBA stars Kevin Durrant and Stephen Curry were once reeled in to surprise a boy from Henderson suffering from Leukemia.

* A Chili’s waitress got a rude awakening after her courteous service earned her a $12,000 tip.

* Mother’s day surprises for single parents.

The question on the lips of many is how Don Forman and the FOX5 Surprise Squad go about choosing the perfect candidates. It’s a myth actually. This is largely because it’s not like entering a competition where you’re guaranteed to win by virtue of the fact he has a heart of gold. But once you’ve experienced first-hand their touching generosity, you’ll begin to understand the miraculous nature of their work in all its glory.

People from the local community are invited to nominate either themselves, or other people they feel deserve a little loving, attention and care. It is then left to Don Forman and his crew to sift through the heaps of nominations, which by the way, can be sent by regular mail, e-mail or via Facebook.

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