Installation of gas piping.

For over a century, natural gas has proven to be an economical and efficient method of heating homes and powering appliances such as stoves, water heaters and clothes dryers. With the current price of natural gas at historical lows, natural gas is still the fuel source of choice for residential homes.

Due to its chemical properties and the efficiency at which it burns, natural gas is also an extremely flammable fuel. A small leak coupled with a spark can cause a fire, and at times, an explosion. Because of this, manufactures, technicians, suppliers, and installers have developed an extensive code of safety for its use. Many of these procedures have been incorporated into building codes.

These codes cover materials to be used for gas lines, how they are to be connected to the outside supply line and the proper fittings or connectors. Natural gas piping installation has been regulated. They have also created procedures for testing each connector, each pipe seem, each joint and any other area where the pressurized gas may escape. They have also created lists of approved materials for sealing these areas.

Companies in the industry have properly trained technicians who are not only trained in installation, but inspection of existing systems to look for leaks, corrosion, weak points or other areas that may be a potentially hazardous condition. For these companies, training is normally an ongoing part of the business and recertification is sometimes necessary. Unlike the do it yourself homeowner, reputable gas installers have the correct equipment on hand for the job and are trained in how to use it.

Installing natural gas piping, or installation of gas appliances, shouldn’t be considered a do it yourself endeavor. In some areas, only licensed technicians are permitted to work on natural gas systems. These rules are for the safety of the homeowner or business owner. Failing to follow building codes in this case may not only be illegal, but it can create a dangerous situation. Using a licensed and certified company provides peace of mind to the building owner and a guarantee that the job was performed professionally and correctly.

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