How a Staffing Agency Works

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If you’ve been in the job market for a while, you know it can be a tough place to be. Sending out resumes and never getting a response makes you feel hopeless. If you’ve ever considered getting help from a staffing agency, but don’t understand how it works, here’s the scoop:

Employers Call on Agencies

Employers that frequently hire new people often work with agencies because it saves them time. When they have openings, they call the best staffing firms Boston to find qualified workers. They provide details such as job duties, pay and how many workers are needed.

Staffing Agencies List Jobs

Once the staffing agency receives this information, they will list the jobs in their database. Many times they’ll also formulate a job posting that will be advertised publicly to build up a pool of applicants. If you see an advertisement seeking many employees at once, it’s probably from a staffing agency.

Potential Employees Are Contacted

Once you’ve applied for a job with the agency and are in their system, they will reach out to you if you’re qualified for a job. The agency will conduct interviews and select the candidates that are deemed the most qualified, but the employer makes the final decision.

Job Positions Are Filled

If you’re selected by the staffing agency as a top candidate for a position, the employer will conduct a final interview and the position will be filled. When this happens, the recruitment agency will fill out paperwork and conduct a background check if necessary. If the job is temporary and you do well, you can remain in the system for future opportunities.

Finding a reliable job can be a challenge, especially on your own. When you work with a staffing agency, you’ll have assistance and a greater chance of finding employment quickly.

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