Interesting Facts About Qutab Minar We Bet You Didn’t Know

Stationed tall in its buff and red sandstone fame, the Qutab Minar is emblematic of the hefty power conversion in the history of Delhi. You can easily book cheap air tickets to Delhi and have the time your life relishing the history of such amazing monuments!

Mohammad Ghori, in the 12th century, evicted the Rajputs and Qutub-ud-din Aibak, his successor, exclusively planted the base for the Delhi Sultanate. The incredible success solely modified the city’s architecture and culture, and this sky-huge spire was soon constructed to immortalize it. Either it was utilized as a beacon, or to convene the devoted to the next-door Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque by the muezzin, the Qutab Minar exclusively remains as one of most apprized monuments in Delhi, drawing close to four million visitors every year.

Placed on the periphery of Delhi, Qutab Minar is undoubtedlya spot that should be listed on a trip to the capital of India. The unusual religious architectures of the Qutab Minar complex create one of Delhi’s most delightful views. If you are planning for an excursion to this beautiful attraction, go on reading this article for compelling facts regarding the Qutab Minar, as well as a bulk of knowledge on Qutab Minar complex buildings.

There certainly must be a logic why an uncomplicated-brick-minaret welcomes thousands of people every year. But there are more than a few aspects why it relishes the stature of being one of the finest attractions for tourists in Delhi.

How Tall

With a foundation diameter of 14.3m, it is 72.5 m tall. At the top, it fades to around 2.7 m. The Qutab Minar is round about 73m high and fades from a 15m-diameter foundation to a bare 2.5m at the top. It has distinct stories around five, each exclusively flagged by an extruding gallery. The prime three stories are built of red sandstone, and the 5th and 4th storyis of sandstone and marble. The first three was constructed by Qutb-ud-din and Iltutmish, his son-in-law, adorned these and extended a fourth.

Name Fame

Few still consider it was exclusively named after Qutub-UddinAibak, the one who initiated its creation in 1202. And some consider it is entitled to Qutbud-din Bakhtiar Kaki, a Sufi saint immensely admired by Iltutmish- Aibak’s successor.


The Qutab Minar has moderately refined a tilt of around 27 inches southwest.

Big Storey

The QutubMinar primarily had five stories. Firoz Shah Tughlaq exclusively compiled a dome on top, which was damaged in 1803 by a tremor. There are exclusively 379 footsteps advancing to the cupola. Each level has a gallery that envelops the tower. However, in 1981, because of a lethal rush, visitors are eventually not granted to visit inside anymore.


The exterior walls of the architecture are engraved with Nagori and Arabic characters. Few of these are verses from the Quran, while various others reveal the history of the tower, and defines the renovations and changes made through the years.


AlauddinKhilji, in the early 13th century, outlined to construct a tower nearby known as the Alai Minar, two times as high as the current cupola. Although, round about 25 m had been built, when he expired! With no one else splitting his aspiration, the Alai Minar escalated no further.

Ambitious thinking

There is a pure iron pillar, seven-metre-tall, in the patio of the next-door mosque to the QutubMinar. It has not decayed in the slightest, perplexing metallurgists and scientists. However, it has eventually now been confined off, it is considered that any desire you make will be completed if you exclusively rest your back adjacent to the pillar and fold your arms around it.

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