A Quick Overview on Becoming a Notary Public

A notary is an important job that involves being a witness to the signing of certain documents. Identification of those signing is checked and records are kept of the transactions. This is a needed service in many areas of business and transactions involving documents needed by certain government institutions. It is a job that is an important part of our society.

Becoming a notary public is easy
Each state has a different set of rules, but there are general requirements that each state has. Almost all states require a certain amount of training, so you will know what you are doing. You will learn both the laws relating to the work done by a notary as well as the procedure. There are also laws about who can teach these courses, and the content of the material. Learning how to be a notary is not too difficult, and it doesn’t take long.

Your state government wants assurances
Of course, because the issue of trust is involved, you will likely be subjected to a background check, and you must not have any felony convictions. In addition to this, once you apply for a license, along with completing the necessary course work, you will need to be bonded. Sometimes this is referred to as surety bond insurance.

Practicing your new profession
One you are licensed by your state, you will need a notary stamp and a few basic supplies. You may need a book to record your notary transactions. Some states require a specific type of book that a notary uses. The big issue you will face, is where to get customers. It will take time to become known as a notary in your community. Many people do this work part-time until they become known. People will need to know who you are, and how they can contact you for your service. If you want, you can do your notary work in a mobile fashion, going straight to your customer instead of them coming to you.

Advertising helps your business, but you are not likely to get a lot of repeat business. This is simply the nature of a notary business. There are certain professions that use the services of a notary more than others. Title companies are one example, so there is the possibility of repeat business. Certain bushiness can integrate a notary service to complement other services. If you have a private mailbox or shipping service, a notary is a good compliment to your business.

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