What Was the Real Cause of Samsung’s Issues With the Galaxy Note 7? (Watch)

Samsung has concluded its investigation into the cause of its overheating (and sometimes even exploding or fire catching) Galaxy Note 7 devices. The company blamed its battery suppliers, saying that there were flaws in the designs for the original and replacement batteries.

But Samsung didn’t deflect all of the blame. It did admit that it expected too much of its battery suppliers, and thus apologized to consumers.

The underlying issue for Samsung might just be its intense competition with Apple. Some critics have accused Samsung of rushing the Galaxy Note 7 to market in order to beat the release of the iPhone 7. And while the company has made no such admission, it would make sense.

Beware the Downside of Cutting Corners

Competition is normal and sometimes even beneficial for businesses. So working hard to get a new product to market so that it can be competitive with a similar product isn’t a bad thing. But cutting corners to make that deadline is.

Samsung learned that lesson the hard way. And now the company has lost billions of dollars through this process and has had to put a new inspection process in place to ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

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