Social Media Tips for Solopreneurs and Small Startups

So you don’t have a big social media team, or even an employee, no problem! No budget for a social agency to help manage your social channels? You can actually use that to your advantage! Yes, that’s right; solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses can actually benefit from the personalised social media skills of the do-it-your-selfer. Read on in this article for 5 reasons why managing your own social media strategy can actually be better for your company in the long run.

Consistency of Voice

Each time a customer calls, makes a purchase or otherwise interacts with a company, they should have the same good brand experience. Consistency of voice is something that is important for all businesses. However, it is much harder for larger corporations to achieve consistency with so many different people working for them. It is also a problem for companies that hire an agency who might have different people posting on social channels, answering calls, or handling other customer interactions. When you are a small company and only one or a few people handle social media, the consistency remains the same.

You Care the Most

When a company is small, or your own, let’s face it, you care more. Large companies suffer from apathy in addition to lack of training. So, your sincerity and transparency will help you in the social interactions you partake in on behalf of your own company. A big part of social media is customer service. As more and more consumers are interacting with companies on social channels, they are expecting to get questions answered and problems solved in addition to getting information and connecting with companies. Customers recognize and appreciate the care and attention you are able to give them. They also like to know they are dealing with someone in control and not just an employee that may not have the authority to help them or answer their questions correctly.

You are the Expert

Don’t underestimate the level of expertise that you bring to the table. Don’t hide behind it either; you should flaunt your expertise and knowledge. When you hire someone to post for you, they are not going to have the knowledge that you do and no amount of research on their part is going to make up for what you know personally. Since you are entrenched in your business and your industry, you will have a long list of ideas about what to post on and will likely know about new information well in advance of anyone else. Sharing that knowledge on your social channels will make your channel invaluable to followers.

You Are Wiser and More Savvy

Besides the fact that you know what you want your company to be promoting and you are “the voice” of your company, you also know what not to post and what not to do. You don’t have to be a social media expert to know what you shouldn’t say on social or who and what you should not retweet or share. You are wiser and savvier than most younger or inexperienced people that you would hire to run social media for you. These traits are very important when it comes to social media for your company.

You Are Faster

Corporations can take so long to make a decision. You can instantly post something, report on news, or start a promotion without having a board meeting about it. Speed of action is a big benefit for smaller size businesses. Of course, you still have to think before reacting, but that still makes you much faster than the average medium to large size company.

Social Media Takeaways for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

As you can see, our 5 points closely tie in together. Building on these strengths makes for a very strong social media presence. With the 5 benefits of continuity of voice, caring the most, expertise, being wise, and having speed, you have some big advantages over larger companies. It is definitely time to reconsider that small businesses are weaker than larger corporations. When it comes to social media, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses definitely have the upper hand when you use the above skills to your advantage.

Bio: Richard Larson is Brand Manager for GoPromotional business gifts. He enjoys sharing business and marketing tips.

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