Prudent financial steps investors should take during a slowdown

India’s gross domestic product (GDP) continued its downward spiral and reached 4.5% in the second (July-September) quarter of financial year 2019-2020. Besides, salary increments and bonuses remained subdued in the last few years and are not expected to improve in... Read more

What Investors Need to Know About Late Cycle Investing

When the DJIA is up 250 points or more, and you don’t have much exposure to the stock market, you may regret not being more in stocks or stock ETFs. That’s human nature. But is it a mistake? What we... Read more

The 5 things novice investors should stop doing

New investors don’t know what they don’t know. When you don’t know much about a subject, sometimes the first advice you come across appears solid. Thoroughly research a company so you know if the stock would be a good investment... Read more

Warning signs for global economy: the countries spooking investors

Stock markets have taken fright over a number of warning signs from key economies, the latest this week being the inversion of the US bond yield curve and news of a contraction in the German economy. Here is a guide... Read more

CPSE ETF opens for retail investors on Friday; is it worth investing?

NEW DELHI: The Rs 10,000-crore follow on fund offer (FFO) of CPSE ETF will open for retail investors on Friday. While investors usually show caution in picking PSU stocks, CPSE ETF offerings have seen overwhelming response ever since the new... Read more

Top 4 popular myths which put brakes on wealth creation for investors

Equity investing has always appealed to the likes of many. There are some who believe it to be gambling and choose to stay away from it. Then, there are those who are drawn towards it and have a rather dramatic... Read more

Budget 2019: FM opens up a mixed bag for equity and debt investors

The budget proposed tax benefits for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investing in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) in line with the ELSS (equity-linked savings scheme) category, giving investors in these schemes the benefit of tax deduction on investment up to ₹1.5 lakh per annum... Read more

Mutual fund industry is closely regulated, investors need not fret over NBFC crisis: Radhika Gupta

NEW DELHI: Even though the feel-good factor has returned to the Indian markets after the NDA government’s return to power with a landslide majority, non-banking financial companies (NBFC) remain an Achilles heel. With a spate of recent defaults, the gloom has... Read more

Uber’s IPO: Will Investors Play The Company’s Long Game?

Yesterday, Friday May 10, finally produced the long-awaited IPO of the Uber, a company founded 10 years ago, hated by some and loved by others, that without a doubt will leave its mark on history. I pretty much share the... Read more

Primer | When investors become sheep

There was a time when Orkut was the place to be. Today, it’s Facebook – to an extent that you are an outcast if you are not on it. This makes sense in networking – if you like to connect with people,... Read more