Top 10 Car & Automobile Magazines In India

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a hardcore car enthusiast who also loves reading and gaining more information about cars and automotives. So here are the Top 10 Car & Automobile Magazines in India for YOU car enthusiasts. These Automotive & Car Magazines have addictive articles and stories that even non car lovers can appreciate. Automobile Magazines still remain an important factor of car & automotive culture. 

However, there are innumerable Car & Auto Magazines in India, it gets difficult for enthusiasts to settle on a decision for the best Automobile Magazines or for a popular motor Magazine. Thus, we’ve assembled a rundown of the best, generally useful and engaging print magazines that will without a doubt put a grin on any vehicle aficionado’s face. So lock in, on the grounds that these are the Top 10 Car & Automobile Magazines in India.

1. Car India Magazine:

Car India Magazine, overwhelmingly recognized as the world’s best car magazine, has crashed into India under the name of CAR India. Car India Magazine has been propelled to satisfy the observing car lover. This Magazine brings updates about the trends in the automobile industry, innovation, technology, news and many more.

2. Autocar India Magazine:

Autocar India Magazine is referred as the world’s oldest and long running car magazine. This popular motor magazine which is a weekly magazine is an Indian edition of the british automobile magazine published by Haymarket Media Group. Autocar India Magazine features car news, first drives, road tests, future models, used car news, long term car tests and new car data.

3.Evo India Magazine:

Evo India is a British car magazine devoted to performance cars, from hot hatches to supercars. It is a destination for car enthusiasts worldwide. Evo India Magazine talks about cars and bikes. This Magazine covers top stories, articles on performance of cars and bikes and reviews on travel.

4. Bike India Magazine:

Committed completely to the nation’s thriving biker network, the Bike India Magazine is rising as a biker’s bible, in India, yet across Asia. This magazine totally discusses different bikes. It gives the best off-road bike photograph to urge perusers to have an interest and information about bikes. Bike India Magazine publishes news related to bikes, reviews on bikes, and stories related to it.

5. Overdrive Magazine:

Overdrive magazine has made life simpler for its readers by testing vehicles and empowering them to settle on the correct decision with regards to picking cars. This Magazine discusses cars and bikes. Overdrive India gives prices and reviews of the cars and bikes for its readers.

6. Motoring World Magazine:

Motoring World is an Indian origin magazine that talks about cars and bikes. This magazine publishes articles and reviews related to cars and bikes. Motoring World Magazine also covers news related to motor sport and envelops a profound scope of components that energizes the yearnings and elevates the interests of auto-enthusiasts.

7. Auto Today Magazine:

Auto Today is a top notch offering and follows a similar way of trustworthy and solid data to enable the reader. Auto Today Magazine includes car news, reviews on new cars and gives advice.

8. TransREporter Magazine:

TransREporter Magazine is an Indian Automobile Magazine which is published bi-monthly. This Magazine means to offer a wellspring of news and information to logistic professionals. TransREporter Magazine objective is to offer its readers an all-inclusive view of the logistics and supply chain industry.

9. Commercial Vehicle Magazine:

Commercial Vehicle Magazine is related to the automotive Industry. This Magazine includes Trucks, transports, development hardware, framework, tractors, parts, UVs and three-wheelers.

10. Autocar Professional Magazine:

Autocar Professional Magazine is a fortnightly and India’s leading business to business automotive magazine. Its capacity to spot and figure patterns has made it a vital instrument for auto experts. Automotive Professional Magazine covers news, incisive interviews and accurate vehicle sales and production data.


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