Top 5 Important Trends That Bring Impact on How You Do SEO in 2017

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2017 / Search Engine Optimization is unquestionably one of the top digital marketing strategies that has changed the way businesses compete with each other and has revolutionized the process on how they reach out to their target customers.

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Nowadays, modern businesses don’t go around without SEO as part of their digital marketing arsenal. According to research conducted by Ascend2, 82% of the surveyed marketers considered SEO as a more effective digital marketing strategy, with 42% stating that its effectiveness has increased significantly. Eighty-one percent of the survey’s respondents revealed that their SEO efforts are at least above average.

SEO last year, as predicted by many industry experts, has been really more about innovations with Google, still the leading search engine.

This year, search engine optimization is expected to gain more popularity, as it has already become a staple in digital marketing. If you are one of those businesses who have already jumped into the SEO bandwagon, you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends that can impact on how you optimize your websites for search.

In 2017, these are the top trends that you should watch out.

  • The mobile domination
  • The steady rise of videos
  • The rise of AMP’s popularity
  • Content quality is king
  • Backlinks getting sidetracked

Okay. You not only need to watch out, but must also focus on those ones that can bring impact on how you optimize your content for search engines. These trends are picked by experts based on their significance, relevance, and popularity among SEO practitioners in the industry.

1. Everyone Goes Mobile

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The numbers on the screenshot above are enough evidence why mobile is on top of the trends. When 5 billion people are already on mobile, how could you pass up such gigantic opportunity?

John Lincoln, in his article in, predicted that mobile will become more important. He foresees that more and more companies will adopt a “mobile first” strategy when it comes to SEO.

Let’s also not forget that Google is now moving to a mobile-only world. According to Gianluca Fiorelli in his article in, mobile-first indexing has become an inevitable result of almost a year of changing the people’s mindset from desktop to mobile.

Fiorelli added that in a mobile-only world, the importance of local search is even more crucial.


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