Top Issues To Consider When Shipping Your Products to Other Vendors

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If your small business is doing well, it’s time to think about expanding your customer base by shipping your products to other vendors. Whether you’ve already opened a few different locations or you just have one store, here are the top issues to consider as you expand your production and target market.

Choosing a Destination

First, you must determine where you want to send your products. Do you have a business partner who might be willing to stock some of your goods? Do your small business products appeal to major chains in your area? Reach out to a few potential partners with your pricing details and a tentative contract. For best results, choose businesses in areas that you have some connection to, such as your childhood town or your college’s city.

Finding a Transportation Partner

Once you’ve picked your products’ destination, you need to figure out how to get them there. If your destination is close and the shipments are small, your employees may be able to drive the goods. Make sure that your insurance company covers business cars before taking this course of action. If your destination is far away or across the ocean, you must find a company that specializes in intermodal freight transport Benicia CA.

Preparing Your Goods for Shipment

Some goods are easy to transport, especially clothes and nonperishable foods. Others, such as fruit, baked goods, and glass decorations, require extensive shipping preparations. Work with your transportation company to secure refrigerated trucks and other special considerations. Then, develop a secure form of packaging that includes your brand name, and load up your first shipment.

Selling your products to other vendors is a great way to increase your customer base and raise awareness about your brand. Think about these issues well before your first shipment leaves to improve your chances of making a profit.

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