Why More Seniors Are Choosing At-Home Care

5 benefits of choosing in-home care | RX HealthCare Services

With the onset of the senior years comes an important and often difficult question: What is the best way for a senior to receive the care they need? Consider why more and more seniors are choosing at-home care over assisted-living facilities.

Freedom and Independence

Living at home gives a senior far more freedom and independence. With a little help from a home caregiver, a senior can have the satisfaction of choosing their own routine and running their own home.

Custom-Tailored Attention

A senior residing in a nursing home shares caretakers with dozens of other residents, whereas a senior living at home gets one-on-one attention from one singly focused aide, which makes it easier to customize treatment options to suit individual needs.

Visiting Hours

Nursing homes and hospitals often observe strict visiting hours, making it difficult to arrange family gatherings. Living at home gives a senior the freedom to welcome family and friends 24-7.

Furry Friends

Many seniors who move into nursing homes are forced to give up their beloved four-legged companions. With home care, Fido and Fluffy can continue to have the run of the house.

Incredible Savings

Studies have shown that a nursing home can cost over 50% more than even a full-time home caregiver. Some might even regularly charge seniors for facilities and equipment that they seldom, if ever, use. Additionally, some health insurance Texas plans can help cover some of the costs.

Long and Happy Life

Studies have shown that seniors who stay at home live longer, have higher morale, and are physically and mentally healthier than those who move into nursing homes.

The senior years don’t have to come with a total lifestyle change. With the help of a home caregiver, seniors can receive the care they need while still leading the lives they love.

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