Understanding UK Parcel Costs

Sending a parcel these days can be a little bit overwhelming. With so many options to choose from it’s difficult to know where to begin. However, what you always need to remember is that sending a parcel comes down to three key things:

* Where are you sending your parcel?* How quickly do you want your parcel delivered?* What size/weight is your parcel?

You also need to decide what your priorities are regarding the method of delivery. Do you want your item delivered as quickly as possible or would you rather ensure that you keep costs down and send the item as cheaply as possible.

For those of you who are looking for a collection service this can be an expensive but efficient option. DX would certainly be a great option for you to try. rates are competitive and unlikely to be beaten. If you are sending your parcel via courier within the UK then there are a whole host of options available to you. For swift and efficient service be sure to know the dimensions of your parcel and fill them into your quote form. That way we can be certain to find the very best price for you.

As previously mentioned UK parcel costs depend very much on the size and weight of the parcel you wish to send. Parcels are divided into three rough categories: Medium sized packages, heavy packages and very heavy packages.

Medium packages – These would be defined as anything larger than 50 cm X 50 cm X 50 cm and weighing 15 kg approx. Parcelforce would be able to deliver a package of this type for roughly £9.49 + VAT and ensure that it would be with the recipient by 6 pm the next day. If you required an earlier time, Parcel force can guarantee 9 am the next day but at the the higher cost of 22.49 +VAT.

Heavy packages – Similar to the services available at the medium category, heavy packages would be anything around 70 cm X 70 cm X 70 cm. However, for a next day 6 pm delivery you would be looking at a cost in the region of £16.68 + VAT. There are currently no services available for parcels of this weight to be delivered at a specific time but if your parcel is particularly large, you may be able to take up Parcelforce’s ‘large service’ from £28.95 + VAT. The large services usually takes about 48 hours.

Very heavy packages – Once you hit the 35+ kg mark then a courier service other than parcel force is your only option. Again we would recommend that you use DX as they are likely to have numerous options available to you.

Offshore Islands and Northern Ireland.

If you are posting to/from the Channel islands, Scottish Islands or Northern Ireland then please be aware that our booking process is currently changing to ensure the very best service we can provide. Click here to find out how to send a parcel to the UK’s offshore islands.

International Parcel Service

Price is most dependent on the distance of the country you would be posting to. We are in the process of creating a few guides to enable you to have a clear understanding of how much your delivery is going to cost. The biggest (and sometimes most unknown) factor in international delivery is how much you may have to pay in customs charges. Click here to view our guides on price, restrictions and custom charges for individual countries.

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