3 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic in a Shopping Mall

As more and more young adults turn to cyber shopping for a majority of their products and clothing, foot traffic in malls across the world continues to drop. However, shopping trips are still popular social activities; they’re simply reserved for more important purchases or social occasions. In order to increase the traffic within a mall, try orchestrating elaborate events on a rotating schedule or bringing in new vendors for customers to check out.

Bringing In Unique Vendors

For most malls, clothing, electronics, beauty, home decor, toy, and novelty stores dominate the landscape. Instead of maintaining large chain stores, make it easier for the smaller entrepreneur to secure his or her store. These individuals might produce beauty and health items from locally sourced farm products, they may hand craft children’s toys, or they might offer a variety of antiques and curious oddities from around the world. The variety of stores within the mall should wander off the beaten path to maintain interest among local residents.

Mall-Wide Door Buster Sales

Loyal customers are always looking for a good deal, and many of these shoppers will work a great sale into their schedules. Bring together store owners and compile incredible sales for customers one day per month. If each business has just one incredible price on a single item or service, it can be compiled into one mall-wide advertisement. This will give each customer a reason to come back sooner rather than later.

Hosting Children’s Events

Children’s events are perfect for drawing in families. Booths can be set up for children to craft, color, or get fake tattoos and face paintings. Food kiosks can offer giant cookies or cotton candy, while entertainers can make beautiful balloon animals or perform tricks.

For most shoppers, life gets rather busy and they forget to make time to visit their local malls. By reminding customers of all of the fun, unique, and money saving experiences that they could have, they will return far more quickly for another fun day out.

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