Common Reasons for Issues with Your Office Internet

Whether you are the manager in charge or an office or you just work in an office setting, you know how important the internet is to you and anyone else who works there. When the internet goes down, it can keep you from sending an important email to a client and keep you from doing the research that you need for a big project. In addition to the internet going down, you may just have problems with the speed changing in the middle of the day. There are some common reasons why most offices experience internet problems.

Wrong Placement

One reason you may experience problems with your office internet is because someone put the equipment in the wrong spot. When you have internet in your home, you may notice that the further you get away from your router, the slower the internet runs. If the technician from the provider put the router for your office in the wrong place, those further away will encounter problems on a regular basis. You can move the router to a central location that is closer to all employees or invest in a signal tool that expands the reach of the wireless signal.

Old Equipment

Having old equipment in the office can also cause a host of problems. Not all of the old equipment that you have and use is compatible with the newer software and computers that you have in the office. Using an old router that is between five and 10 years old or even older will likely cause problems. It can cause your internet connection to drop and slow down the speeds that you should get. Replacing the router and other components around the office can help.

Provider Issues

You may experience problems on a regular basis because of issues with your internet provider. Contacting the provider and talking things through with a technician is the best way to decide what to do next. That technician can arrange for a field tech to come out and do polarized capacitor testing and other types of testing to look at your equipment as well as the lines. You’ll then find out why you have internet problems and what you can do about those problems. No matter what issues you experience with your office internet, you can contact your provider, move your equipment or upgrade your equipment to fix the problem.

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